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321 Weight Loss Program – Maintenance Phase

Once you’ve reached your weight-loss goal, and successfully transitioned off the Weight Loss Phase, we’ll teach and assist you in keeping the weight off long-term. The Maintenance Phase is designed to provide you the tools for long-termed, sustainable weight loss, where Previnex Shakes and Bars are your secret weapon snacks to staying on track.

1 Plant-Based, Vegan Nourify LITE Protein Shakes per day

2 Previnex Vegan Protein Bars per day

3 Lean & Green Meals per day

*Note: We are currently producing new Previnex bars. As a result, until the new bars are completed, we will be providing substitute bars in all weight-loss kits that have the same macronutrient value as the Previnex bars, taste good, and will help you continue to see results on the 321 Program. Substitutions are as follows: Previnex Double Chocolate will be substituted with Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, and Berry Fruit will be substituted with Mixed Nuts, Caramel & Sea Salt. If you would still like to purchase expired Previnex Bars, you can do so below.

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321 Weight Loss Program – Maintenance Phase