Providing nutrition and hope to children around the world.

For every purchase, you're helping to
make a meaningful difference in child's life.

Why We Give

Every Previnex purchase you make will provide a bottle of vitamins to a child in need.
As a community invested in health, children, and human flourishing, we were shocked to learn...

3.1 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, the leading cause of death for children in this age group.

45% of these deaths are caused by poor nutrition, not hunger, which means these children are not receiving adequate vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

One in four children around the world are stunted because of chronic malnutrition.

The more we learned, the more we were inspired to use our resources to create health and change lives for children around the world.

We made it our mission to fight childhood malnutrition. Knowing that food is only part of the problem, and that vitamin deficiencies are preventing children in impoverished areas of the world from fighting disease and growing properly, we set out to make the best children's vitamin on the planet and use our resources to get them to the children who need them most.

Giving Vitamins Helps Children...

What We Give

We give nutrition and hope to children around the world so they can make their greatest impact and live the longest, healthiest, and most active life possible.

Through our partnership with Children's Hunger Fund, and with your help, we are delivering vitamins to children in the most impoverished communities around the world, where nutritious, healthy foods are scarce. Vitamins are going to children who truly need them most.

Through our partnership, we are providing vital nutrition and hope to children.

How We Give

Every Previnex purchase you make delivers one bottle of our children's multivitamin, Super Vites, to the most at-risk, in-need children around the world! We work with our partners to hand pick locations to ensure vitamins donated through your purchases are delivered to areas where children need them the most.


Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) provides nourishing food for hungry children, and other resources across America and around the world. Since 1991, CHF has delivered food and, ultimately hope, to children and families in need, maintaining 99% efficiency for over 20 years. CHF delivers Food Paks and other aid so that they may deliver hope to suffering children and families in their communities.

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Where We Give

Since launching our Get Health, Give Health® Program in July 2017, with your help, we've given vitamins to children in Haiti, El Salvadore, Peru and Guatemala.


Vitamins Sent: 129,545


Vitamins Sent: 36,500


Vitamins Sent: 21,900


Vitamins Sent: 54,816