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Physician-recommended fish oil supplement for heart, brain & total body health


Helps lower blood pressure & supports healthy triglyceride levels & reduces cholesterol*


Supports memory and learning*


Helps maintain healthy inflammatory response and reduce inflammation*


Enhances calcium absorption and helps reduce joint pain*

WHYOmega Pure PLUS ?

Omega Pure PLUS contains a balanced, concentrated
daily dose of fish oil rich in important Omega-3 fatty acids

Total Omega-3’s 1,200 mg 1,000 mg 1,065 mg 1,100 mg
EPA 360 mg 250 mg 734 mg 600 mg
DHA 240 mg 250 mg 266 mg 500 mg
Filler/Others? 600 mg 500 mg 65 mg 0 mg
Triple Molecular Distillation
Pharmaceutical Grade

What does this mean for you?

  • The Finest Ingredients
  • Science Based Formulas
  • Gold Standard Manufacturing
  • Products you can trust to optimize your health