Team Previnex

Lauren Fendrick

Professional Beach Volleyball Player

2016 Olympian

Member of Team USA

Won the 2015 AVP Championship with April Ross

2014 AVP Best Blocker

Finished the 2014 AVP season as the 2nd ranked team with partner Brooke Sweat

Finished 2013 with the #1 total AVP team points with Brittany Hochevar

follow Lauren :
Since I started using Previnex supplements, I've noticed more energy during my training and quicker recovery between trainings. As I prepare for Olympic qualification, I am stoked to have Previnex supplements to effectively supply the vitamins and nutrients my body needs, so that I can push to the limit each and every day. I also get drug tested regularly, so knowing that I am getting the highest quality, cleanest supplements out there is really important to me. And, on top of that, I know that I am taking something that is good for my health and longevity!

- Lauren Fendrick

Lauren's Favorite

Vanilla Nourify